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/// Komecosanol™ - Anti-Hangover & Healthy Liver Support



Komecosanol™ is a patented, Japanese rice bran extract, also known as policosanol. Policosanol is a mixture of long chain aliphatic alcohols which contribute to alcohol metabolism and cholesterol-lowering effects. It is pure, natural, non-chemical and non-toxic.

Komecosanol™ has been clinically shown to

  • Protect liver against alcohol toxicity
  • Reduce LDL cholesterol and liver disease indicators
  • Suppress hangover symptoms
  • Maintain healthy overall liver functions

According to a published journal from studies by Undergraduate Researchers at Guelph (SURG), Asians are more prone to suffer from alcohol toxicity. This is because approximately 30 to 50% of Asian individuals have a genetic mutation in their alcohol metabolizing enzymes (especially ALDH2) in the liver. ALDH2 is responsible for converting toxic alcohol by-product, acetaldehyde, into non-toxic acetic acid. The low enzymatic activity of ALDH2 in these individuals can lead to accumulation of acetaldehyde, causing alcohol “flush” reactions such as rapid onset of redness on skin, palpitation, nausea, etc. Prolonged consumption of a large amount of alcohol can also lead to alcoholic liver diseases such as fatty liver and chronic hepatitis with liver fibrosis or cirrhosis.

Komecosanol™ promotes alcohol metabolism by converting toxic acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which will then be secreted out from the body. This reduces symptoms of hangover and protects liver against alcohol toxicity.

Alcohol Metabolism








1. Komecosanol™ on Alcohol Metabolism

Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, 2009, 62: 305-309

a. Eight men were given 33mg/d of Komecosanol™ for six weeks and drinking tests were done before and after the supplementation. The results showed significant reduction of acetaldehyde volume in the blood at the end of the 6th week upon alcohol consumption.

b. A questionnaire on hangover effects was conducted on the same subjects who had alcohol consumption before and after intake of Komecosanol™ for six weeks. The results showed an overall improvement in the hangover effects after Komecosanol™ intake.

2. Komecosanol™ on Liver Functions

NOF Corporation, Japan

12 subjects were given 33mg/day of Komecosanol™ for six weeks. The results showed a significant decrease in γ-GTP, AST and ALT, indicators of alcoholic liver diseases.

3. Komecosanol™ on LDL-Cholesterol Reduction

NOF Corporation, Japan

20 healthy men were selected to consume 20mg/day of Komecosanol™ for 4 weeks and blood were collected before and after the trial for cholesterol analysis. The results showed a significant reduction in the LDL-cholesterol in the subjects’ blood.

Komecosanol™ can be widely applied in health supplements, as well as functional food (e.g. candy, etc).

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