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/// Prenulin | Natural Glucose Support & Natural Sugar Blocker



Globally, 1 in 11 adults has diabetes, that is about 415 million people! Food and beverages that are high in refined sugar like desserts and carbonated drinks contribute to this chronic disease. Diabetes can lead to other serious health complications which include stroke, kidney failure, blindness and heart attack if blood glucose level is not properly managed!

Cutting back on sugar isn’t easy. Anyone who has attempted a low-calorie diet knows about the challenges of reducing sugar intake. But what if there is another way to control body weight and blood sugar levels, a plan that involves controlling the body’s ability to absorb and utilize sugar?


“Blocking” Calories from SUGAR


Prenulin™ is a patent-pending Natural Glucose Support complex that helps control blood sugar levels in normal healthy individuals in 2 ways:

  • 1. by reducing the body's ability to absorb sugar and
  • 2. to help metabolize sugar in a healthier way.

Prenulin™ combines the powerful glucose absorption properties of a specially-made, non-GMO form of L-arabinose derived from corn cob, with the insulin control capability of Chromax, the most clinically studied form of chromium on the planet.

“Dual” Benefits on Glucose Management

L-Arabinose: the Natural Sucrase Inhibitor

  • “Sucrose blocker” that selectively inhibits enzyme sucrase activity on digesting sucrose.
  • Lowers the glycemic index and caloric impact of sugary food.

Chromium picolinate - the Insulin Amplifier

  • Enhances insulin sensitivity and its binding to cell receptor, boosts up glucose uptake








1. Prenulin™ reduced glucose and insulin impact of 70 grams of sugar by almost 30%

Kaats, G. R., Keith, S. C., Keith, P. L., Leckie, R. B., Perricone, N. V., & Preuss, H. G. (2011). A combination of l-arabinose and chromium lowers circulating glucose and insulin levels after an acute oral sucrose challenge. Nutrition journal, 10(1), 42.

Two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies were conducted to examine the effects of Prenulin™ on circulating glucose and insulin responses to sucrose challenge. In both studies, consumption of Prenulin™ was shown to significantly lower both circulating glucose and insulin levels after consumption of a 70-gram sucrose challenge, compared to placebo.

Prenulin™ is clinically proven to control the digestion and absorption of sucrose by reducing postprandial glucose response and insulin response by 28% and 26%, respectively on average without any adverse side effects.

A Natural and Delicious Way to control sugar without losing flavor

With excellent stability and solubility, Prenulin™ has wide application. It can be used in nutritional supplements or as a functional ingredient for foods and beverages.

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